The debut CD of the KLEZMER ALLIANCE was released by ORIENTE on October, 20th 2007. You can purchase the album in Europe directly from the A TICKLE IN THE HEART website. Here's the link to the shop .

 "I have just received the hot new CD by Klezmer Alliance and it is superb! Every track is a joy to hear, and the music gets right to my Jewish soul."
(Barry Reisman, Program Host for New World Radio, WNWR, Philadelphia)
"an irresistable invitation to sing and dance along: Those who can resist the charm and fire of the Klezmer Alliance, must have no ears."
(Illustrierte Neue Welt, Vienna)
"It’s a fun, lively recording of authentic provenance that displays why the Klezmer Alliance is one of the most popular touring groups in Europe." (Seth Rogovoy in Berkshire Jewish Voice, Shevat/Adar 5768)