- London - Kishinev - Cologne -


Europe's Hottest Yiddish Music!


Efim Chorny
Clarinets, Vocals:
Berl Spehl
Susan Gergus
Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals, Dance:
Andreas Schmitges
Double Bass:
Thomas Fritze
Drums & Percussion
Guy Schalom

Efim Chorny (Kishinev, Moldova) is the intense and charismatic singer of the KLEZMER ALLIANCE. His presence on stage and spontaneous humour are indescribable and must be heard and seen to be believed. Chorny’s original compositions are fresh but also lend themselves convincingly to the klezmer traditions of several generations past. This is how they have understandably and deservedly become loved and hailed on the 21st century Klezmer scene.

The KLEZMER ALLIANCE has gathered together some of Europe’s finest musicians in the Klezmer-Jewish Music field from London, Kishinev and Cologne: Efim Chorny (vocals), Susan Ghergus (piano), Berl Spehl (clarinets, recorder), Thomas Fritze (double bass), Andreas Schmitges (guitar/mandolin/dance) and Guy Schalom (drums) work successfully as a team creating new sound dimensions for Yiddish music.

The fiery KLEZMER ALLIANCE will intoxicate you and tickle your hearts and bones! Audience participation of the Yiddish dances will be lead by Andreas Schmitges and this is guaranteed to make the concert the best party you have had in a long time!