Efim Chorny, a native of his hometown of Kishinev, is one of the most important protagonists in the revival of Jewish culture in Eastern Europe. Efim, a singer of Jewish songs on stage since the age of 6, graduated from the Music Conservatory in Kishinev and has been leading the Jewish Song Theatre in Kishinev since 1992. He has performed his outstanding repertoire of Yiddish songs in Romania, Greece, Estonia, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Austria and in the USA.

Efim Chorny was awarded first prize for the 'International S.Michoels Competition for Jewish Song' in Moscow. He has worked as a teacher at many international festivals in Kiev, St Petersburg, Vienna, Paris, Detroit and Moscow. His song compositions are taught and sung at many Yiddish festivals world wide and have instantaneously found their way in to the Yiddish song repertoire.

Efim's characteristics of a charismatic presence, exceptional voice, great humour and temperament make him a successor of the great tradition of Yiddish Song; a tradition in which he lives and which he personifies.

Efim Chorny

lead vocals